What Will We Do?

Marion focuses on 3 areas to help you succeed

1.) Achieve more in less time and with less stress

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Learn effective study skills and techniques to achieve academic results with less anxiety and in less time

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Gain confidence and find your motivation and purpose in school and homework

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Improve and create systems to handle homework, stress, tests, and extra-curricular activities.  Balance your school and social life

2.) Cultivate the mindset for success


Increase self-awareness and build resilience by identifying sustaining values and motivating perspectives


Independently problem solve and develop plans to overcome setbacks and move forward


Identify limiting beliefs and learn to manage them

3.) Develop personal leadership and effective communication skills


Identify future goals, get direction, and enhance your personal leadership and emotional intelligence


Develop leadership projects and interview skills for school leadership positions and future school applications


Build powerful relationships by learning to work with empathy. You’ll use these leadership skills not only in school but throughout adulthood


We will schedule 45 minutes every week or fortnight depending on your needs and availability. Sessions can be in person, over the phone, or through video-conferencing.

Contact Marion now for an no-obligation Introductory Session.

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Do you want last minute cramming for tests and exams to be a thing of the past? Do you want to a balanced and successful school life? Marion can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

Do you want to stop nagging? Do you want your child to be more confident and have the tools to be successful in school and life? Marion can support you.

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